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Excavating words, making books

The beginning of November saw Georgia with poet Matt Black  in Athersley, Barnsley, for 3 schools workshops. Our sessions were the culmination of a 4-part series of visits in each school. To introduce archaeology, dig testpits, discuss the analysed finds and what they might reveal about each school site’s past, and finally to engage the …


I dig digging

Poet Matt Black was inspired by the Athersley students to create this archaeology poem. Thank you Matt!   As the trowel works down through layers I love the pleasure of sifting through the crumbly soil so carefully – actually, you don’t really dig, you scrape, so you don’t miss, or damage, the fragile treasure. Look, …


The Deathening Guns

WWI Soldiers’ Lives, Thurnscoe, Rotherham A recent HLF Sharing Heritage-funded project took me deep into the online archives tracking down Thurnscoe men who served in World War I. Jacqui Shaw of The Hill Primary Academy, Thurnscoe wanted to give her students a taste of historical research from primary source archive documents. With inHeritage’s support, Jacqui …


Games, apps, phones and stories: What do children use?

This summer’s Children’s Media Conference was, as ever, a busy exciting conference. Where else would I fall into casual conversation with the former chief exec of EuroDisney channel, now commissioning TV channels across 100 countries? Or rub shoulders with BBC commissioners, meet James Huggins of Made in Me, a family-based story App designer dedicated to …

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Sounding Out Interpretation

Inside the Circle of Fire is a new exhibition at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries by Cabaret Voltaire co-founder Chris Watson.


What's the Point of Panels?

There is a lot of point, very much so, but you’ll have to read to the end to find out how!


World Heritage Cities for the Future

Bill attended the Cities and Heritage Meeting held in Lyon on the 22nd – 24th May. The meeting was organised by the Lyon municipality, in partnership with the Organisation of World Heritage Cities, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the designation of Lyon as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The meeting’s theme was a …