Historic Building

St Mary’s, Wirksworth

Bill worked with St Mary’s Church to produce a set of new interpretation to welcome visitors and tell them about the church’s history.

These include a series of movable welcome panels, three self-guided trails, guided tower tours, a play-on-demand film about T’Owd Man and a series of YouTube videos.

Bill planned the interpretation and wrote the content for the panels, T’Owd Man film and tower tour.

The panels introduce the concept that St Mary’s is a place for worship, reflection and discovering heritage. The self-guided tours takes these ideas further and enable visitors to explore specific features without placing pnels throughout the church. To create the films, Bill worked with filmmakers Gavin Repton and Rod Kirkpatrick. Poet Mark Wynne-Jones  wrote and performed an evocative tour of the church tower, while T’Owd Men re-enactors Andy and Paul Taylor presented T’Owd Man’s Guide to St Mary’s.

We also worked with Andy Pollock and interpretive designers Bright White Ltd to create an audiovisual display about T’Owd Man. Press a button and T’Owd Man appears in a doorway next to his sculpture to tell visitors his story.


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