Tideswell Tales Delivered

The Tideswell Tales book and DVD have both arrived on the same day! Both look excellent. The printed book has been delivered to Tideswell Living History Group. The DVD has arrived as a draft copy for us to check the video and artwork.
 inHeritage has worked closely with Tideswell Living History Group to produce the book and DVD, which are based on their hard work and research over the last three years. Each takes the Tideswell Tales project themes of childhood, celebrations and trades to tell the story of the village’s recent past.
The book is over 90 pages long and comprises excerpts from almost 60 oral history interviews alongside photographs provided by individuals and collected by the group. The DVD is an hour long audio-visual journey that marries oral history clips to photographs. It also features a rare British Council 1940’s film about Tideswell and surrounding areas made for a French audience. Both publications will be launched in Tideswell in June.