AHI Committee

I spent today at the spring committee meeting of the Association for Heritage Interpretation. I was voted on to the committee, and as a trustee of the Association, in September, and this was my first committee meeting. It was a packed meeting, both the agenda and the size of the room for the number of members. We discussed and agreed lots of activities and decisions to help move the Association forward during the harsh economic times of the present.
One item specifically relevant to me, as the current website editor, was the future of the website.  We will be creating a members only section soon with resources for members of the AHI to access. These will include past conference papers, past issues of the journal, best practice guidelines, etc.
The AHI is also in the process of drafting a new constitution and finalising arrangements for the 2012 conference. If you are involved in heritage interpretation and would like to find out more about the AHI and its activities check out the website.

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