Audio Production

Victorian Cabman’s Shelter

We worked with Crich Tramway Village on the interpretation of their cabman’s shelter.

We worked with the curator to furnish the inside of the shelter to create a visitor experience following the shelter’s restoration. Originally from Bradford, where it provided shelter for cab drivers, it is now a place where visitors can experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Victorian shelter.

Bill mentored the project team in terms of interpretation based on the types of objects, sounds and smells that wold have been in the shelter 150 years ago. Inside, we created ambient audio for the coal fire, boiling kettle, shovelling coal, filling a pail with water and a horse-drawn cab puling up outside. Interpretive writing was embedded in a replica notice of rules and newspaper. We also produced an interpretation panel for outside. 

There is also a 360 virtual tour online 

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