Streets of Walkley

Bill’s ongoing project management and interpretation work with Walkley Historians is continuing apace.Walkley Historians are researching the Victorian origins and history of their Sheffield suburb with the help of Bill and inHeritage. The project is now well into its second year and the Historians are attending a range of events over the coming months to share their knowledge and seek stories about the 19th century.
Two of the main interpretive activities this year are being planned. One is an exhibition about crime and punishment to be launched in the window of Beeches of Walkley Urban Farmshop on the 23rd June. The other is a series of storytelling events in Walkley pubs about the origins and histories, scandals and headline-hitting news stories of Walkley’s Victorian pubs.
The project is an example of three key interpretive principles we at inHeritage hold dear.

  1. Heritage and its interpretation can benefit communities – socially and economically – through bringing people together, developing community identity and bringing income to local businesses.
  2. Interpretation can be effective in encouraging place-based meaning when delivered in communities as part of everyday activities and in non-heritage destinations.
  3. Interpretation is as meaningful to people when the topics are about the everyday fabric of their communities as it is about ‘grand’ narratives.