Interpretive Planning

Duffield Castle

Today, we began work on a project to represent and interpret Duffield Castle with a site visit and inception meeting.

inHeritage are delighted to be part of a multidisciplinary team led by ArcHeritage to produce a conservation plan and vision document on how to represent and interpret the important site of Duffield Castle to local residents and visitors. the project is commission by the DerwentWISE Landscape Partnership, which includes the landowner The National Trust.
The castle was built in the 12th century as a stronghold of the Ferrers family but was destroyed un 1266 after the family rebelled against the Crown. It commands high ground at the strategically important confluence of the Derwent and Ecclesbourne valleys. Today, there is little to see in what appears on first glance to be a neglected site. 20th century rebuilt walls outline the walls of the stone keep. The vegetation combines an air of wilderness with that of an uncared for site.  The partners are keen for the site to be well managed and interpreted, while engaging the local community with their important heritage.