Hardwick Hall Stableyard

Reimagining the working life of the Stableyard was part of a major redevelopment project.
The National Trust has redeveloped the Hardwick Hall Stableyard as the visitor welcome area with unused buildings renovated as a cafe, shop and plant shop.
Our interpretation plan focused on making the large, enclosed lawn in front of the Stableyard buildings into a park where visitors would want to hang out, play and explore.
Our first task was to interpret the renovation itself in a temporary interpretation panel. We then implemented the early stages of our plan. Chainsaw artist Andrew Frost carved two benches from tree trunks in public view. Each is decorated with objects relating to the working life of the Stableyard. We recorded poems written and spoken by pupils and teachers from Pilsley Primary School and installed these on two wind-up audio players.
On a recent visit to the Stableyard we are delighted to see children and families clambering over the benches and listening to the poems. The audio players are clearly a magnet for children, who often listen intently to the poems.
Started: April 2010. Completed: September 2010.
Client: The National Trust.
Project Manager: Claire Hammond.