Princes of Gwynedd Website

The Princes of Gwynedd website was launched this month at Dinas Emrys, the legendary birthplace of the Welsh red dragon. inHeritage wrote the English text for the website, which involved visiting the sites and consulting with key archaeologists.

The website is part of the Cadw pan-Wales heritage interpretation project. The Princes of Gwynedd story strand was developed by a consortium led by Conwy County Borough Council in partnership with Gwynedd Council, Snowdonia National Park Authority and the National Trust. The website and 6 visitor hubs tell the unique story of the longest and most successful dynasty in medieval Wales – from the castles the princes built to the royal courts where they ruled – through thirty iconic sites linked to the princes.

You can visit the website at
The princes of Gwynedd traced their royal line back to ancient times and became the most powerful dynasty in medieval Wales. Their kingdom stretched from the fertile lands of Anglesey to the soaring peaks of Snowdonia and at one point expanded to cover much of Wales.

For more than 800 years, the princes fought with one another and the English crown to secure their positions of power. But this was not just a time of war and turmoil. The princes forged strong cultural and religious links with continental Europe and were patrons of beautiful architecture, music and poetry.

Their legacy can be found today throughout North West Wales. Why not follow in the footsteps of the princes, and discover hidden castles, royal residences and tranquil churches set in breathtaking landscapes?